Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sage’s Book Review VIIII: Reflected in You, A Crossfire Novel, by Sylvia Day.

Emotional Rollercoaster is an understatement for the emotions I felt while I stayed up all night reading Reflected in you! I cried, I laughed, and I cursed, as I kept turning the pages. I couldn’t get enough of Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross!  Sylvia Day’s writing had me hypnotized. I felt ever ounce of pain, sadness, angry, passion, lust and love through Eva’s eyes. I was obsessed with getting to the end and every moment in their world was well worth the ride!
Reflected in You is the second in the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day. The saga began where Bared to You, the first in the series, ends. Eva and Gideon are emotionally unstable, primarily due to unresolved issues with the sexual abuse of their past. They are survivors and cling to one another in search of some shred of sanity and a haven. Their love and need for one another is completely toxic. Eva has trust issues and is uncertain regarding Gideon’s fidelity. Her worries with Gideon‘s faithfulness has merit, even though his sentiments are heartfelt, but his actions cause her to second guess his words.  Even though the story is in Eva’s first person point of view, Day provides plenty of insight in what is going on in Gideon’s mind. His pain and worry is expressed, as is his need to protect Eva at all costs. I particularly like the way Eva stands up to Gideon, her own need for control and her sneaky tactics to get even with Gideon were priceless.
Reflected in You answered many questions that plagued me after reading the first book in the series. Since I don’t do spoilers, I will leave you with this – portions of Gideon’s abused past has been revealed, as well as the reasons he does not get along with his family. This information gives depth to his every complex personality trait and his need to control. We are given more information about Eva’s parents and their history, as well as getting to know her father and clearer insight on her mother’s behavior. Cary and Eva’s issues are resolved, but a mystery surfaces as do two people from Eva’s past, which both appearances push Gideon in drastic measures.
The next book in the Crossfire Series Entwined with You is due to be released, May 7, 2013. I’m really not sure if I could wait that long without Gideon, I may have to read the story again, and again…