Monday, December 24, 2012

Sage's Book Review X: Ho Ho Ho to the Holidays

Christmas stories have a way of warming the heart and brightening up a gloomy day. A good holiday story can increase hope and faith but add a good romance to the mix and there is a recipe for one heck of a Christmas story. During the month of December, there is nothing more inspiring then a good old Christmas romance with a happily ever after or a happy for now ending. So grab your steaming cup of hot coco, curl up in your favorite chair and check out a few recommendations for this holiday season.
Caroselli’s Christmas Baby, by Michelle Celmer entwines a friends to lovers couple and a marriage of convenience in to one sweltering story. She wants a baby and he needs an heir. Two best friends make a marriage and baby bargain to collect a family inheritance but there plans take a sharp turn when their desire for one another threatens their friendship.
Cowboys and Angels, by Cindy Stark unite a woman with her bad boy crush from high school for the holiday and she must move past her fears in order to make passionate nights by the Christmas tree a tradition.
Be Mine for Christmas, by Alicia and Roy Street is a charming Christmas romance that follows a budding relationship and two people falling in love.
Christmas Brides, by Cheryl Bolen is three Regency novellas in one book. The Christmas Wish, Home for Christmas, and Christmas at Farley Manor are tender, sweet romances with charismatic heroes and exquisite heroines.
All I Want for Christmas is You, by Lisa Mondello sprinkles a little Christmas magic by brings two people together when a child asked Santa for a dad for Christmas.
If you’re in the mood for a HOTT quickie for the holidays, try Wish List by, Sylvia Day (SD). This short little story reveals a woman’s fantasy Christmas wish list involving her coworker, but when the object of her fantasies finds the list, he turns her fantasy list into reality in the oh so delectable, SD style. Another sizzling miniature Christmas story is Big Girls Do It on Christmas, by Jasinda Wilder. This story is from the Big Girls Do It Series and reveals Anna’s Christmas Surprise for husband, Jeff.
Five Soul Mate Publishing authors teamed up and created a little magic for the holiday season. A Soulmate for Christmas is an anthology that warmed my heart and tickled me with the Christmas spirit. I Know You, by Char Chaffin is a super sweet story featuring star-crossed lovers whose souls search for one another every fifty years on Christmas Eve. A Vampire for Yule, by JJ Devine brings two lonesome strangers together for the Yule holiday and discovers their heart belongs to the other.  Stellar Heart, by Aliza Mann reunites two would-be high school lovers to save a family business before Christmas and along the way they attempt to fix the errors of their younger years. To Grandma’s House We Go, by Cynthia Racette brings together a husband and wife who were torn apart by tragedy and are given another chance on Christmas Eve. Holly’s Secret, by Angela Scavone gives the reader a twist to Santa’s tale with a woman whose fear of revealing her secret may cost her the man she loves and ruin the holidays.
What’s your favorite Christmas Story?  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sage’s Book Review VIIII: Reflected in You, A Crossfire Novel, by Sylvia Day.

Emotional Rollercoaster is an understatement for the emotions I felt while I stayed up all night reading Reflected in you! I cried, I laughed, and I cursed, as I kept turning the pages. I couldn’t get enough of Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross!  Sylvia Day’s writing had me hypnotized. I felt ever ounce of pain, sadness, angry, passion, lust and love through Eva’s eyes. I was obsessed with getting to the end and every moment in their world was well worth the ride!
Reflected in You is the second in the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day. The saga began where Bared to You, the first in the series, ends. Eva and Gideon are emotionally unstable, primarily due to unresolved issues with the sexual abuse of their past. They are survivors and cling to one another in search of some shred of sanity and a haven. Their love and need for one another is completely toxic. Eva has trust issues and is uncertain regarding Gideon’s fidelity. Her worries with Gideon‘s faithfulness has merit, even though his sentiments are heartfelt, but his actions cause her to second guess his words.  Even though the story is in Eva’s first person point of view, Day provides plenty of insight in what is going on in Gideon’s mind. His pain and worry is expressed, as is his need to protect Eva at all costs. I particularly like the way Eva stands up to Gideon, her own need for control and her sneaky tactics to get even with Gideon were priceless.
Reflected in You answered many questions that plagued me after reading the first book in the series. Since I don’t do spoilers, I will leave you with this – portions of Gideon’s abused past has been revealed, as well as the reasons he does not get along with his family. This information gives depth to his every complex personality trait and his need to control. We are given more information about Eva’s parents and their history, as well as getting to know her father and clearer insight on her mother’s behavior. Cary and Eva’s issues are resolved, but a mystery surfaces as do two people from Eva’s past, which both appearances push Gideon in drastic measures.
The next book in the Crossfire Series Entwined with You is due to be released, May 7, 2013. I’m really not sure if I could wait that long without Gideon, I may have to read the story again, and again…




Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sage’s Book Review VIII:Take It Like A Vamp, by Candace Havens

 The first words I read when I opened my Kindle and began reading, Take It Like A Vamp, by Candace Havens were, “It’s sad when you best friend makes your panties melt.” Needless to say, I was hooked. 

Casey Meyers’s is tremendously unluckily with man. Everyone she dates turns out to be a loser and to make matters worse she desires her best friend and neighbor, Nick Christos. Who wouldn’t fall for a drop died gorgeous, charismatic, billionaire? But Casey’s self esteem issues lead her to believe she wasn’t Nick’s type, especially after he catches her wet and only in a tiny towel.
Nick Christos lusts after his sweet and lucious neighbor Casey, but this hybrid vampire, and leader of the Supernatural Council leads an excessively dangerous life and fears crossing the lines of friendship with Casey. Nick makes the mistake of introducing her to his life, and her existence is threatened when his ex (a powerful witch) turns up to ruin his life. Nick will do anything in his power to keep Casey safe, including ending her immortality. 
This book was definitely hilarious and a must read! Casey’s witty and comical commentary was enough to have me laughing out loud several times (earning me quite a few strange looks from my family) as I read through this very fun and fast paced sweet paranormal romance.  The characters were lively and entertaining, and extremely easy to fall in love with. Even though this novel is a Paranormal Romance, the romance between Nick and Casey warmed my heart and the paranormal elements were secondary to their love affair. 
I usually fall head of heels for the heroes in the stories I read, but in Take It Like A Vamp, even though I loved Nick Christos, Linc, a sexy wolf steals my heart. I am hoping Candace Havens writes a sequel and tells us Linc’s story.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sage’s Book Review VII: The Fever Series, By Karen Marie Moning

An intriguing gothic world - courageous Heroine, mystifying Hero, repulsive villains all spun into an adventure which keeps the reader enthralled and the pages turning!
Southern girl, Mackayla Lane (Mac) spends her leisure time in her pink-polka dotted bikini which perfectly matched her I’m Not-Really-a-Waitress-Pink manicure and pedicure, and diligently suntanned at her parents pool. Mac tends bar at night, and attends just enough community college courses to keep Mom and Dad from nagging her. It was an ideal life, until news of her sister’s murder turned her effortless existence upside down.
The sorrow of her sister’s death steadily damages her family, and the Dublin Police close the case on her sister’s murder. When Mac retrieves a disturbing message on her broken cell phone from her sister-only hours before her death, she is determined to find her sisters murderer and provide her family with closure. Mac defies her parents and flies to Dublin in search of answers to her questions, but what she uncovers is a world she didn’t know existed and secrets about herself she would rather not know.
Mysterious, dark and handsome alpha, Jericho Barrons appears in her life. With his help she learns of the monsters that target humans, Fae, or Fairies, who travel in-between the realms of the human and Fae worlds. Mac discovers she is a sidhe-seer- a human who can see past the illusion cast by Fae to camouflage there true appearance.  She possesses powers too, a human Fae object of power detector-or OPPs for short and a Null-the ability to freeze Fae. Her OPPs power is the only way to find mythical Sinsar Dubh-a lost dark book of Fae, which is needed to stop the Fae of the Unseelie Court. 
The Fever Series is Urban Fantasy, not the typical romance that I usually review, but between the funny first person narratives from Mac’s point of view, the sexual tension between Mac and Barrons, and the encounters with the ruthless Vlane-an alpha Fae who makes sex an addiction for human women, it had me begging for more.  I confess…I read all five in the series in a month.
Released July 24, 2012 is the latest in the series, Fever Moon, A graphic Novel. Look below for a peek into the amazing world of Mac and Barrons.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sage's Book Review VI: Bared to You: Crossfire Novel, By Sylvia Day.

If you are looking for a book similar to Fifty Shades of Grey (FSOG), then this is the book for you. I viewed Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel, By Sylvia Day kind of a fan fiction story of FSOG. And like many fan fiction stories, it blew the original out of the water!
Eva Tramell, and her best friend, Cary, moved to Manhattan and embraced their new big city lives. As they explore their new world, Eva, fell on her behind (literally) at the sight of the most gorgeous man she had ever laid eyes upon, Gideon Cross.
Gideon is the ultimate bachelor. Sexy, unbelievably good looking, ridiculously rich (and as Eva refers to him, Dark and Dangerous) and very used to getting everything he seeks. And of course, he wanted Eva. 
When the pair met, there was an instant attraction. The sexual tension between them was consuming, but Eva fought against every fiber in her sexually aware body. She refuses Gideon’s advances, for no other reason than his approach. When their paths cross numerous times, because of his stalker-like behavior (which strangely she was accustomed to), Eva finally gave in to their desires. The sex made the hair on the back of my neck stand up!
Spellbound, it didn’t take long before their passion for one another to prevail over their way of life. As their romance ignited, there hidden secrets of their sexually abused pasts unfolded. Eva and Gideon attempted to conquer their vulnerability and embark on an emotional rollercoaster ride.
Sylvia Day, explored the highs and lows of an couple with tormented pasts, and the need to feel in control or to be controlled by another. I read a review that accused all the characters in Bared to You of being, ‘too perfect to be real, at least on the outside…’. And I agree. But I also think it was necessary. Sylvia Day, illustrates that having a perfect appearance along with the fantasy ideal life, in most cases, is merely an illusion. No one is perfect.
There were many questions left unanswered in Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel. What’s to happen to Gideon? Who exactly is responsible for the type of man that he has become? And what will become of the relationship between Eva and Cary?  I hope Reflected In You, by Sylvia Day, the second in the Crossfire Novels will answer them. The book will be released on October 2, 2012, which I will be reading and letting you all know what I think!
Hope you all have a safe and happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sage's Book Review V, Fifty Shades of Grey, by E. L. James. (Only book 1)

Fifty Shades of Grey, by E. L. James. (Only book 1)

I’m the last person on this earth to read Fifty Shades of Grey (FSOG) by, E. L James? It sure as heck felt like it, where ever I went, I heard woman raving about this book! Some of the women were reading it again, for the second time.

So what’s all the hype? Was the sex in this story that racy, is that why they call it mommy porn? Was I missing the greatest story of all time? I decided to pick it up the book and have a look for myself.  

Literature student, Anastasia Steele, had very minimal experiences with men because of her low self-esteem, but after she is coaxed into interviewing Christian Grey by her best friend, who happens to be owner and CEO of his very own empire, she didn’t expect to fall (literally) into the arms of this young, mysterious, and beautiful man. Anastasia quickly realized that she wanted Christian Grey, and was willing to experiment with sex even after finding out that his sexual taste was centered around BDSM and expected her to be his submissive, and not only in the bedroom.

Anastasia, tried to fight against her independent spirit but soon learns that some of the submissive roles are too much for her to bear and she will have to choose, between her first love and her own morals.

As a reader of erotic romance, I assumed that the sex in FSOG would be BDSM at its naughtiest, but after reading the book, I felt it vanilla at it best.  Of course, millions of women are addicted to this book; it’s Christian Grey that has reeled us in and placed us under his spell. Why wouldn’t he have intrigued us? A young, gorgeous, and rich gentlemen, who loves to spoil his women and has an extremely kinky sexual hunger. Mr. Grey is the catch of the century! Yes, Christian Grey has issues, serious issues from his past, and he is emotionally injured but, that adds to his appeal to me, and I’m sure that other women may feel the same way.

My feelings about the Fifty Shades of Grey are completely confounding; I didn’t care for the style of writing, but I found that I kept turning the pages. I guess I will be reading the rest of the trilogy because I feel like I have to. I have a weird obsession with Christian Grey.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sage’s Book Review IV, The Highlander Series by: Karen Marie Moning

Sage’s Book Review IV, The Highlander Series by: Karen Marie Moning.
Romance, intrigue and sexual indulgence entwine for a delicious tale that highlights the fact that love conquers all, including the ever-powerful and meddlesome Fae of the Seelie and Unseelie courts. 
On April 24, 2012, Karen Marie Moning released a new edition of the novella In to a Dream (with bounce material), featuring a 21st century woman who is obsessed with a magnificent man.  The only problem with her love affair is that he has only appeared to her in her wild and passionate dreams.  Jane Sillee assumes that he was simply a figment of her imagination.  As a writer, Jane attempts to write him out of her mind until the tapestry that features him arrives at her doorstep and transports her to the 15th century Highlands of Scotland.  Jane was greeted with a bitter and remote version of her beloved (the star of her dreams), Aedan MacKinnon – named Vengeance – who had no remembrance of her whatsoever.
In to a Dream (with bounce material) also incorporates over one hundred pages of bounce material, including a deleted scene from Kiss of the Highlander, a proposal for a never published romance novel, an alternate opening version of The Dark Highlander, and a sneak peek at artwork from the upcoming graphic novel, Fever Moon.  This is a total must-read!
For the past couple of months, my subconscious mind has been living in the Highlands of Scotland during my journey through that tales that Moning spins. Her heroes are all tormented souls with haunting past and powerfully spectacular warriors -absolutely stunning sculptures of men and all 100% alpha male.  The heroines are not only attractive, but also strong, intelligent and passionate women with an unforgettable past in their own right.  Together with their Highlander by their side, they conquer the issues that are keeping them apart.  The Highlander Series – an eight book collection –is a chronicle full of myth and magic, time travel, a whole lot of sexual tension and steamy whoopee that serves to make the reader want more and more.  The tales are all intertwined, and many of my much loved characters returned throughout the series, magnifying that each character has their own story.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sage's Book Review III: N. J. Walters, Christina's Tapestry

N. J. Walters, Christina’s Tapestry book review III by: Sage Spelling.
Magic, myths, romance, and hot steamy whoopee with two alluring warriors…now that’s my kind of read!
Christina Beaumont, in Christina’s Tapestry by N. J. Walters was having a predominantly bad day when she noticed a beautiful woolen tapestry of two striking warriors in a store window that she could not bear to be without. She spends her entire life savings to attain the tapestry but doesn’t know that it will change her life forever. The tapestry is magical and transports her to Javara, a world that resembles medieval times. When she arrives in Javara she meets warrior brothers of the House of Garen, Jarek and Marc who seek to claim her and teach her the legend of the magical tapestry.
In Javara women are scarce and Jarek and Marc must compete to make Christina their wife. She is faced with making a decision, but must decide her fate in only three days time. In order to make her decision, she must first make love to both brothers, together and separately as they both indulge her body to earth shattering pleasures. Boy oh boy is it sizzling hot love making! When the magical tapestry returns, Christina has the choice of choosing a husband or returning home to her life.
N.J Walters creates a world filled with desire and sexual indulgence as she draws the reader into the mystical world of Javara. Christina’s Tapestry is the first in the Tapestry series by N. J. Walters. There are five other scorching Tapestry books in the series, all of which will be on my to-be- read list!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sage's Book Review II: The Harry Potter Series, by: J.K Rowling

My Love Affair with the Harry Potter Series by: J.K Rowling, From the Beginning
by: Sage Spelling.

The Harry Potter (HP) seven book series by J.K Rowling is my addiction! I have been obsessed with the series since 2002 when my children’s literature professor added Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to the class syllabus. I remember thinking, you have to be kidding but after I read the first three chapters - I was completely hooked!

The tale stole my heart instantly by explaining Harry Potter’s heart breaking tale of his cruel upbringing by his muggle (non-magical) aunt and uncle (Vernon and Petunia Dursley).
As I read I thought the Dursleys need their behinds kicked for the horrible way they treated poor Harry but my prayers were answered when a half giant (Hagrid) broke down the Dursley's door. Hagrid told Harry that he was a wizard and he was to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to learn how to use magic!

My love affair with the Harry Potter series is based on the infatuation with the magical world that J.K Rowling created. There were many elements of good vs. evil, humor, sadness, friendship and most of all of love. This was just the beginning of my love affair with the Harry Potter world, there were six other books, three of which I waited in line for at midnight with my many fellow Potter junkies!

I whipped through books 1-4 within the same month that I got my hands on the first one; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1), Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book 4). It was like I couldn’t get enough. Each book seemed to get better and better. I would rush home, not answering my phone as I kept my nose buried inside my precious world.

The world that J.K Rowling built astonished me, owls as the postal service, magic wands that you must be fitted for, expensive flying broomsticks with cool names like Firebolt. A game played on broomsticks with flying balls called Quidditch, chocolate frogs that run way before being eaten and every flavor jelly beans with flavors like ear wax and vomit! Ghost walking the castles, a school curriculum including Charms and Transfiguration where the professor can turn into a tabby cat!

While reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6), I was livid as I witnessed Harry's loss of two men that were like father figures to him due to the violence of Voldemort. The story was unfolding before me but it still left me filled me questions and I hoped that the next book will answer them all.

My questions were, indeed, answered in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) when I returned home at 1:00 AM after waiting in line at my local bookstore. I stayed up reading all night until the following morning, and must have cried a dozen times as I read the many deaths and sadness that jumped off the pages from the very first chapter. When I  finally reached the chapter entitled Nineteen Years Later, all my questions were answered but I still felt cheated somehow, as though there should have been more. After I read the book once more, I realized I would never be satisfied; the world JK Rowling built was one that I could never get enough of.

The Harry Potter Series is one of the most enchanting stories that I have ever read, it took me through a rollercoaster of emotions but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!
I was ecstatic to learn that JK Rowling is working on a book for adults; there is no news of when this book will be on the shelves but I look forward to reading the new adventure that she creates for me! If you’re interested in visiting the Harry Potter world, the complete set is now available in Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Nobles Nook formats.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sage's Book Review I: A Year to Remember, By Shelly Bell

Have you ever read a book and related to the Hero or Heroine’s issues? Have you read a story and thought…hey, that’s me! I totally get it! That’s how I felt when I read A Year to Remember, By Shelly Bell.

Food addict, overweight, single, dateless, and without any decent martial prospects; Sara Friedman is a bridesmaid at her younger brother’s wedding that takes place on her 29th birthday. Her brother’s wedding combined with turning 29, has forced her to re-evaluate why she is still single.

Has she set quality standards that couldn’t possibly be met by a Jewish man? Should she reconsider the qualities she required in her mate and listen to her family, who didn’t understand the reasons why she ended the only few relationships she had?

As her insecurities plagued at her, Sara was forced to make a impromptu speech, but her drunken state has her announcing to 300 wedding guest that she was jealous of her brother for finding his soul mate and promised that she too will be married in exactly one year, by her 30th birthday. Ouch!

When you didn’t think anything good can come from a night like the one Sara had endured, her drunken condition leads her in a dark room where a mystery man steals a kiss. The playful but passionate kiss ignites her in a way she had never felt before, leaving her confused and yearning for more. After her tempter cooled from the mystery man’s kiss, she contemplated why he stayed anonymous? Was he embarrassed of her? The thought left her feeling alone and she confessed that she truly wanted to find her soul mate.

Now you’re probably thinking it can’t get any worse right? Wrong!

The reality of her intoxicated speech hits Sara hard when she learns her speech somehow landed on You Tube and a national morning show offers to follow her during her quest to find and marry her soul mate in one year’s time. With the help of her best friend Missy, she accepts the challenge and begins her search. Sara’s search leads her to a cross road, is she to follow her heart or fulfill her promise to marry by her 30th birthday?

Situations like a food addiction, feeling overweight, being single or dateless without any decent martial prospects in clear view are issues ordinary women and men endure. Shelly Bell’s heroine Sara explores these emotions as she finds herself and faces her internal demons. Characters like Sara are inspirational and their learning experiences can sometimes help a reader through their own demons. For me, A Year to Remember gave me hope that my soul mate may just be under my very own nose!

I can’t say anymore, I want you to read the book but I will give you one small hint: Sara finds out who kissed her in the dark room and she was not in the least bit disappointed!  Neither was I!

Check out Shelly Bell’s website for information on purchasing the book at:

Monday, February 27, 2012

Introduction Blog

Welcome to Sage Spelling’s Bookshelf and thank you for stopping in!

 I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sage Spelling and I’m a Romance Writer from Michigan. I love movies, but let’s face it; lately I haven’t seen one worth the hype it claims to be. I have never really liked TV, other than a few TV shows based on books like Once upon a Time and Games of Throne, I rarely turn on the TV.

 I spend most of  my free time reading and  my love for books has driven me to a new love; writing and making my vivid imagination in my outlandish mind come alive.

 My personal goal is to become a published and esteemed author as I strive to create stories that fascinate readers and captivate them into unforeseen worlds. In their journal of reading the world I create, I would like the reader to uncover their hidden passion and desires and to discover that undying love, concurs all. Yes, I’m a Happily Ever After kind of girl. I would love to take my readers where they have never been before, as other author’s have done for me.

 This is a blog page for book reviews from my own personal library. I plan to showcase a novel or series, short story or a novella that catches my eye every month and in my review, you will learn about the hero and heroine, my feeling towards their characters and the stories plot.

All the stories showcased on Sage Spelling’s Bookshelf will be Romance based but will share other types of genre. As a compulsive reader, I tend to read Paranormal, Erotica, Contemporary, Historical Fiction, and Woman’s Fiction and yes, even Young Adult.  

 I would love your suggestions on books you would like me to review and showcase on my blog. The first book from my library I will be A Year to Remember by Shelly Bell, stay tuned for my review on March 10, 2012.