Monday, December 24, 2012

Sage's Book Review X: Ho Ho Ho to the Holidays

Christmas stories have a way of warming the heart and brightening up a gloomy day. A good holiday story can increase hope and faith but add a good romance to the mix and there is a recipe for one heck of a Christmas story. During the month of December, there is nothing more inspiring then a good old Christmas romance with a happily ever after or a happy for now ending. So grab your steaming cup of hot coco, curl up in your favorite chair and check out a few recommendations for this holiday season.
Caroselli’s Christmas Baby, by Michelle Celmer entwines a friends to lovers couple and a marriage of convenience in to one sweltering story. She wants a baby and he needs an heir. Two best friends make a marriage and baby bargain to collect a family inheritance but there plans take a sharp turn when their desire for one another threatens their friendship.
Cowboys and Angels, by Cindy Stark unite a woman with her bad boy crush from high school for the holiday and she must move past her fears in order to make passionate nights by the Christmas tree a tradition.
Be Mine for Christmas, by Alicia and Roy Street is a charming Christmas romance that follows a budding relationship and two people falling in love.
Christmas Brides, by Cheryl Bolen is three Regency novellas in one book. The Christmas Wish, Home for Christmas, and Christmas at Farley Manor are tender, sweet romances with charismatic heroes and exquisite heroines.
All I Want for Christmas is You, by Lisa Mondello sprinkles a little Christmas magic by brings two people together when a child asked Santa for a dad for Christmas.
If you’re in the mood for a HOTT quickie for the holidays, try Wish List by, Sylvia Day (SD). This short little story reveals a woman’s fantasy Christmas wish list involving her coworker, but when the object of her fantasies finds the list, he turns her fantasy list into reality in the oh so delectable, SD style. Another sizzling miniature Christmas story is Big Girls Do It on Christmas, by Jasinda Wilder. This story is from the Big Girls Do It Series and reveals Anna’s Christmas Surprise for husband, Jeff.
Five Soul Mate Publishing authors teamed up and created a little magic for the holiday season. A Soulmate for Christmas is an anthology that warmed my heart and tickled me with the Christmas spirit. I Know You, by Char Chaffin is a super sweet story featuring star-crossed lovers whose souls search for one another every fifty years on Christmas Eve. A Vampire for Yule, by JJ Devine brings two lonesome strangers together for the Yule holiday and discovers their heart belongs to the other.  Stellar Heart, by Aliza Mann reunites two would-be high school lovers to save a family business before Christmas and along the way they attempt to fix the errors of their younger years. To Grandma’s House We Go, by Cynthia Racette brings together a husband and wife who were torn apart by tragedy and are given another chance on Christmas Eve. Holly’s Secret, by Angela Scavone gives the reader a twist to Santa’s tale with a woman whose fear of revealing her secret may cost her the man she loves and ruin the holidays.
What’s your favorite Christmas Story?  

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