Monday, February 27, 2012

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Welcome to Sage Spelling’s Bookshelf and thank you for stopping in!

 I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sage Spelling and I’m a Romance Writer from Michigan. I love movies, but let’s face it; lately I haven’t seen one worth the hype it claims to be. I have never really liked TV, other than a few TV shows based on books like Once upon a Time and Games of Throne, I rarely turn on the TV.

 I spend most of  my free time reading and  my love for books has driven me to a new love; writing and making my vivid imagination in my outlandish mind come alive.

 My personal goal is to become a published and esteemed author as I strive to create stories that fascinate readers and captivate them into unforeseen worlds. In their journal of reading the world I create, I would like the reader to uncover their hidden passion and desires and to discover that undying love, concurs all. Yes, I’m a Happily Ever After kind of girl. I would love to take my readers where they have never been before, as other author’s have done for me.

 This is a blog page for book reviews from my own personal library. I plan to showcase a novel or series, short story or a novella that catches my eye every month and in my review, you will learn about the hero and heroine, my feeling towards their characters and the stories plot.

All the stories showcased on Sage Spelling’s Bookshelf will be Romance based but will share other types of genre. As a compulsive reader, I tend to read Paranormal, Erotica, Contemporary, Historical Fiction, and Woman’s Fiction and yes, even Young Adult.  

 I would love your suggestions on books you would like me to review and showcase on my blog. The first book from my library I will be A Year to Remember by Shelly Bell, stay tuned for my review on March 10, 2012.  

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