Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sage's Book Review I: A Year to Remember, By Shelly Bell

Have you ever read a book and related to the Hero or Heroine’s issues? Have you read a story and thought…hey, that’s me! I totally get it! That’s how I felt when I read A Year to Remember, By Shelly Bell.

Food addict, overweight, single, dateless, and without any decent martial prospects; Sara Friedman is a bridesmaid at her younger brother’s wedding that takes place on her 29th birthday. Her brother’s wedding combined with turning 29, has forced her to re-evaluate why she is still single.

Has she set quality standards that couldn’t possibly be met by a Jewish man? Should she reconsider the qualities she required in her mate and listen to her family, who didn’t understand the reasons why she ended the only few relationships she had?

As her insecurities plagued at her, Sara was forced to make a impromptu speech, but her drunken state has her announcing to 300 wedding guest that she was jealous of her brother for finding his soul mate and promised that she too will be married in exactly one year, by her 30th birthday. Ouch!

When you didn’t think anything good can come from a night like the one Sara had endured, her drunken condition leads her in a dark room where a mystery man steals a kiss. The playful but passionate kiss ignites her in a way she had never felt before, leaving her confused and yearning for more. After her tempter cooled from the mystery man’s kiss, she contemplated why he stayed anonymous? Was he embarrassed of her? The thought left her feeling alone and she confessed that she truly wanted to find her soul mate.

Now you’re probably thinking it can’t get any worse right? Wrong!

The reality of her intoxicated speech hits Sara hard when she learns her speech somehow landed on You Tube and a national morning show offers to follow her during her quest to find and marry her soul mate in one year’s time. With the help of her best friend Missy, she accepts the challenge and begins her search. Sara’s search leads her to a cross road, is she to follow her heart or fulfill her promise to marry by her 30th birthday?

Situations like a food addiction, feeling overweight, being single or dateless without any decent martial prospects in clear view are issues ordinary women and men endure. Shelly Bell’s heroine Sara explores these emotions as she finds herself and faces her internal demons. Characters like Sara are inspirational and their learning experiences can sometimes help a reader through their own demons. For me, A Year to Remember gave me hope that my soul mate may just be under my very own nose!

I can’t say anymore, I want you to read the book but I will give you one small hint: Sara finds out who kissed her in the dark room and she was not in the least bit disappointed!  Neither was I!

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