Friday, May 11, 2012

Sage’s Book Review IV, The Highlander Series by: Karen Marie Moning

Sage’s Book Review IV, The Highlander Series by: Karen Marie Moning.
Romance, intrigue and sexual indulgence entwine for a delicious tale that highlights the fact that love conquers all, including the ever-powerful and meddlesome Fae of the Seelie and Unseelie courts. 
On April 24, 2012, Karen Marie Moning released a new edition of the novella In to a Dream (with bounce material), featuring a 21st century woman who is obsessed with a magnificent man.  The only problem with her love affair is that he has only appeared to her in her wild and passionate dreams.  Jane Sillee assumes that he was simply a figment of her imagination.  As a writer, Jane attempts to write him out of her mind until the tapestry that features him arrives at her doorstep and transports her to the 15th century Highlands of Scotland.  Jane was greeted with a bitter and remote version of her beloved (the star of her dreams), Aedan MacKinnon – named Vengeance – who had no remembrance of her whatsoever.
In to a Dream (with bounce material) also incorporates over one hundred pages of bounce material, including a deleted scene from Kiss of the Highlander, a proposal for a never published romance novel, an alternate opening version of The Dark Highlander, and a sneak peek at artwork from the upcoming graphic novel, Fever Moon.  This is a total must-read!
For the past couple of months, my subconscious mind has been living in the Highlands of Scotland during my journey through that tales that Moning spins. Her heroes are all tormented souls with haunting past and powerfully spectacular warriors -absolutely stunning sculptures of men and all 100% alpha male.  The heroines are not only attractive, but also strong, intelligent and passionate women with an unforgettable past in their own right.  Together with their Highlander by their side, they conquer the issues that are keeping them apart.  The Highlander Series – an eight book collection –is a chronicle full of myth and magic, time travel, a whole lot of sexual tension and steamy whoopee that serves to make the reader want more and more.  The tales are all intertwined, and many of my much loved characters returned throughout the series, magnifying that each character has their own story.

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