Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sage's Book Review III: N. J. Walters, Christina's Tapestry

N. J. Walters, Christina’s Tapestry book review III by: Sage Spelling.
Magic, myths, romance, and hot steamy whoopee with two alluring warriors…now that’s my kind of read!
Christina Beaumont, in Christina’s Tapestry by N. J. Walters was having a predominantly bad day when she noticed a beautiful woolen tapestry of two striking warriors in a store window that she could not bear to be without. She spends her entire life savings to attain the tapestry but doesn’t know that it will change her life forever. The tapestry is magical and transports her to Javara, a world that resembles medieval times. When she arrives in Javara she meets warrior brothers of the House of Garen, Jarek and Marc who seek to claim her and teach her the legend of the magical tapestry.
In Javara women are scarce and Jarek and Marc must compete to make Christina their wife. She is faced with making a decision, but must decide her fate in only three days time. In order to make her decision, she must first make love to both brothers, together and separately as they both indulge her body to earth shattering pleasures. Boy oh boy is it sizzling hot love making! When the magical tapestry returns, Christina has the choice of choosing a husband or returning home to her life.
N.J Walters creates a world filled with desire and sexual indulgence as she draws the reader into the mystical world of Javara. Christina’s Tapestry is the first in the Tapestry series by N. J. Walters. There are five other scorching Tapestry books in the series, all of which will be on my to-be- read list!

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