Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sage’s Book Review VIII:Take It Like A Vamp, by Candace Havens

 The first words I read when I opened my Kindle and began reading, Take It Like A Vamp, by Candace Havens were, “It’s sad when you best friend makes your panties melt.” Needless to say, I was hooked. 

Casey Meyers’s is tremendously unluckily with man. Everyone she dates turns out to be a loser and to make matters worse she desires her best friend and neighbor, Nick Christos. Who wouldn’t fall for a drop died gorgeous, charismatic, billionaire? But Casey’s self esteem issues lead her to believe she wasn’t Nick’s type, especially after he catches her wet and only in a tiny towel.
Nick Christos lusts after his sweet and lucious neighbor Casey, but this hybrid vampire, and leader of the Supernatural Council leads an excessively dangerous life and fears crossing the lines of friendship with Casey. Nick makes the mistake of introducing her to his life, and her existence is threatened when his ex (a powerful witch) turns up to ruin his life. Nick will do anything in his power to keep Casey safe, including ending her immortality. 
This book was definitely hilarious and a must read! Casey’s witty and comical commentary was enough to have me laughing out loud several times (earning me quite a few strange looks from my family) as I read through this very fun and fast paced sweet paranormal romance.  The characters were lively and entertaining, and extremely easy to fall in love with. Even though this novel is a Paranormal Romance, the romance between Nick and Casey warmed my heart and the paranormal elements were secondary to their love affair. 
I usually fall head of heels for the heroes in the stories I read, but in Take It Like A Vamp, even though I loved Nick Christos, Linc, a sexy wolf steals my heart. I am hoping Candace Havens writes a sequel and tells us Linc’s story.

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